Writing a Google Summer of Code(GSoC) proposal

Let’s begin

Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on introducing students to open source software development. Students work on a 10-week programming project with an open-source organization during their break from a post-secondary academic program.

So let’s dive into how to write a GSoC proposal!

To systemize the proposal, I have divided it into four sections:

  • About the Project
  • Timeline
  • GSoC questionnaire

About Me:

In this section, you write about yourself. You can commence by providing your name and contact details that include your timezone, email, and links to your GitHub and Blogger profiles. Next, you can proceed by giving your educational details that involve the university, college, the degree you are pursuing, field of study, current year, your CGPA till date, and your expected graduation year.

About the project:

This section comprises an overview of the project for which you are writing the proposal. You may begin with an abstract. An abstract includes a comprehensive summary of the entire project. You may draft your own abstract or imitate the idea statement rendered by the organization on the GSoC website.


In this section, you provide the timeline of the work you will deliver with important milestones during the internship. It is the second most vital part of the proposal. You must explain the distribution of work right from the Community Bonding Period to the Final Submission date. You may commence this section by communicating about what you endeavor to achieve in the community bonding period. You should split up the coding period into shorter periods and describe what you will accomplish in every period. Generally split the time into period intervals of 2–3 weeks. You may also additionally incorporate a timeline plot graph for the coding period, which will make your timeline visually appealing. Creating one using online tools is reasonably simplistic. Likewise, you may also include how you will contribute in the future after GSoC.

GSoC questionnaire:

Here you answer a few standard questions:

  1. Are you also applying to other projects?
  2. Do you have any prior commitments?
  3. Are you eligible for participating in the Google Summer of Code program?

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I am an Undergraduate Student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.